With the cost of living on the rise, you may feel put off using your hot tub or starting to reconsider buying one. Having an MSpa can be so much more than a social activity for entertainment. Many users enjoy the health benefits that come along with spending time in one. We’ve put some money saving tips together for you so you can feel at ease to continue using your spa and carry on receiving the benefits it brings both mentally and physically. Whether you own an MSpa already or are still on the fence about purchasing one, the tips below are sure to help!

What’s the running expense?

To power a hot tub, it uses a significant amount of energy. It’s important to consider how much you’ll be spending each month on electricity. Once you’ve bought one, there are various factors which can keep your costs at the lower end. The running expenses will fluctuate depending on your electricity rate, how much you use it and how well it is insulated. MSpa is certainly worth investing your money into when you think about the mental and physical health benefits it brings.

How to be more cost efficient

Choose the right size

The larger the hot tub, the longer it will take to fill and heat. When purchasing one, make sure you think realistically about how many people will be using the spa. This way you can choose a hot tub which is the right size for you. There’s no point in buying an 6 person hot tub when just 4 of you plan on using it. It would be a waste of time and money filling and heating it.


Where you decide to install you hot tub has a big impact on how well it will preserve heat. Placing your tub near a wall or under a gazebo will help. They will act as a wind break and protect your spa from the elements thus keeping the water at a consistent temperature. Also it will be safer from leaves, insects and bugs etc. Choosing the right place to setup your tub will help preserve heat and keep your water clean for longer. Using a gazebo or parasol will also shield your tub from too much sun exposure and add a bit of privacy.

Fill your tub with warm water 

Cold water will take longer to heat up to the maximum temperature than warm water. Water straight from your garden hose is cold so consider using an adaptor. This can be added to a tap inside your home and you can fill your tub with warm water instead. Doing this will save time as well as money. We recommend first filling with cold water for the bottom of the hot tub and then adding warm water to fill it up until the water reaches between the minimum and maximum lines.

Leave the heater on between uses

Depending on how often you use your hot tub, it may be best to leave it running. If you are using it daily or a few times a week; leaving it on will be your best option as it would take too much time and energy to heat up again. Some people turn it down to 36°C or 38°C and turn it back up to 40°C when they want to use it again. MSpa’s heater intelligently allocates power depending on the current. This means when you want to heat the water up, the heater will operate at full power of 1500W to 2200W (depending on your model). When working to maintain the water temperature, the heater will operate at a lower power.

Use the top lid or bladder

Make use of your top lid whilst your hot tub is not in use. Also, it’s a good idea to keep the lid on whilst your spa is heating up. This is a great way to retain heat. Your lid needs to be in good condition as a damaged one will allow heat to escape through any holes or rips. Heat rises so using a quality lid to cover your spa will help keep your water hotter for longer. Using a bladder also preserves heat. It sits between the water and lid to lock in heat when the spa is not being used.

Use heat preservation mats

Placing your hot tub on a heat preservation mat will preserve heat as well as protect your spa and the surface which you have placed your tub on. The mats create a thermal barrier which retains heat and insulates the bottom of your spa. A bubble mat also works in the same way and is very useful.

Clean on a regular basis

Cleaning your filter between uses will help reduce running costs. Filters blocked with particles will not allow the water to run smoothly, meaning the pump will need to work harder, therefore leading to a higher energy bill. Making sure you clean and maintain your hot tub on a regular basis to keep it in a good condition means you will spend less money on chemicals to fix problems which could have been prevented. The last thing that you want is mould growing and for the water to become unhygienic and unsafe to be in.

Look out for offers on chemicals

Chemicals are essential for your hot tub to ensure the water is healthy, hygienic and safe to use. With regular testing and keeping your spa water at the right level means your water will stay cleaner for longer. This way you will not need to drain, refill the water and heat it up again as often. Also, if the pH level is wrong, this could damage the spa and harm your skin. The water needs to be tested before each use so chemicals will be needed as long as you keep using your tub. It’s best to look out for when the chemicals are on offer. We recommend Blue Sparkle Chemical Starter Kit. It has everything you need.

Monitor your bills

It’s best to keep an eye on your bills. You can compare them from before you buy your hot tub and once you have one. Also, setting your tub temperature to a slightly lower level could make a difference instead of always having it set to the maximum level. Perhaps bring it down by a few degrees and then raise the temperature when you plan to use it. Monitor your bills and see what works best for you.


Use the tips above and see how well they can help you save money. If you have any of your own money saving hacks, we would love for you to share them in the comments. MSpa is a stress-free environment which you can escape to and now you can enjoy the moment even more knowing that you are being cost efficient!