On 8th March, the world observes International Women’s Day to recognise accomplishments made by women. This is when we assess the situation, appreciate and restore our endeavours to enable ladies and advance in gender equality. We present to you a few ways to mark this special empowering day!

International Women’s Day

  1. Create A Book Club With Your Friends Or Co-workers
    Seeing a portion of the many difficulties ladies face all over the planet is an urgent advance in supporting gender equality. To observe International Women’s Day this year, you can consider beginning a book club with your companions, partners, or people locally that underlines ladies’ accomplishments, issues, and strengthening.
  2. Become A Part Of The Pledge For Parity Campaign
    Ladies strengthening in any case, there’s no rejecting that gender inequality is still a piece of our reality. Women have to deal with bias, stereotypes and discrimination. So this year, join the Ladies’ Day Vow for Equality crusade. You can show your help by marking the appeal, sharing selfie cards via online media, expounding on the reason, and above all, attempting to carry out equality in your life.
  3. Women-run Businesses Should Be Supported
    Supporting enterprises owned or managed by a woman or a group of women promotes various products and services, economic empowerment, and a better, more prosperous economy.
  4. Travel and Expand Your Horizons
    Travel is the one teacher we must remember for the rest of our life. Traveling broadens our perspectives, teaches us new life skills, and provides much-needed relaxation for women. Depending on the time, you can go on a solo trip to a nearby – or far-off – area.
  5. Use A Hot Tub For Relaxation
    This option can be the best for you. After all, hot tubs are known for being both relaxing and therapeutic. The heated water in a hot tub can help your body release stress-relieving endorphins, which make you feel good. In addition, hot tubs can help relieve pain, release muscles, and relieve pressure on joints, whether you have exercise-induced discomfort, arthritis, or another condition. After a soak in your hot tub, you’ll most likely be able to fall asleep faster and have a more restful night’s sleep. Get the ladies together for some girl chat.
  6. Make A Coffee Date With Encouraging Women In Your Network
    Sometimes, it takes a simple discussion to be inspired or learn something new. So this Women’s Day, try setting up a “virtual coffee meeting” with a woman in your network (just 15-30 minutes of their time) to discuss their career, problems, what motivates them, self-care, or any other issues in which you both have an interest!
  7. Honour The Women Who Have Made A Difference In Your Life
    Simple words of love and support may often go a long way in elevating someone’s spirits and pushing them to keep moving forward. So call or phone the significant women in your life to tell them how awesome they are and how much they inspire you, whether it’s your grandma, mother, sister, daughter, or friend.


After the initial thrill of a day dedicated solely to ladies, the truth sets in after the initial charge of a day. As mothers, working professionals, or stay-at-home mums, a celebration hardly qualifies as a vacation. There are children to watch, chores to complete, and errands. It is important to take a stand and enforce women’s equality and break the bias.