MSpa aims to embrace expertise and advanced technology to promote a comfortable, portable and affordable spa experience. With patented modern technology being applied to our models such as auto-inflation, UVC sanitisation, ozonator, plus much more; we are continuously improving our hot tubs. To make things easier for you, we have explained our impressive features and exactly what they do and how to use them. So, let’s get to it…

What does what?

Smart Filtration

When your MSpa is in stand-by mode, the filtration system will turn on automatically every 4 hours for 1 hour. This ensures the water is clean even when the spa is not in use. Also, the filtration system will automatically start when the heating, Ozonator or UVC sanitiser is activated. After turning off the heating system, the filtration system will automatically stop after 30 seconds. Furthermore your remote/control box conveniently has a filter cleaning reminder so that you won’t forget to clean or replace your filter. It is advised to turn off all the functions before doing so and remember as long as your spa is filled with water, there should always be a filter installed.

Anti-icing System

During the colder months if the water temperature hits lower than 1°C, the heater will run automatically. The Anti-icing System heats the water until it reaches 3°C. Thanks to this clever feature, the water will not freeze which will save the hot tub’s circulation system, pump and pipe. This system is perfect for hot tubbers who like to keep their hot tub setup all year round. Also, did you know you have the option to change whether the temperature is displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit? Simply press the ‘Down’ button on your remote/control box for 3 seconds to switch between the two options.

M-One Auto Inflation

This innovative feature is most definitely amazing and satisfying to watch. Once plugged in, watch your hot tub inflate all by itself just by pressing two buttons. There is an integrated gauge which will constantly monitor the air pressure and stop inflation when the ideal pressure level is reached. Spa inflation has never been easier. Watch your hot tub inflate within minutes or you can entertain your guests whilst MSpa does the hard work for you. There’s no need to read the manometer and no risk of over inflation. Press the ‘Bubble’ and ‘Up’ buttons together for a few seconds to activate this cool feature. Please note, M-One Auto Inflation is only available on our Muse and Urban ranges.


MSpa’s smart timer feature allows you to set the time for when you want to start your heater. This timer will wake up your spa’s heater and begin to make it warm and cosy just in time for when you would like to use it. This can be set with ease using your remote/control box. An integrated chip in the remote allows you to set the timer to make your spa ready 1-99 hours in advance. This is great for when you have a busy schedule or want your spa ready for a special occasion.

UVC Sanitiser

The new MSpa collections come equipped with a built-in UVC sanitiser feature. It is able to kill more than 60 disease causing microorganisms and pathogens while using nothing more than light. This allows 24/7 non-stop protection with or without people inside the spa. The UVC LED will not harm your skin or eyes as it is completely sealed inside the control box. Press the ‘UVC Sanitister’ button to turn it on and off.

Children Safety Lock

Every MSpa has a children safety lock function, allowing parents to lock their remote/control box so their children are unable to change any settings. To activate the safety lock, press the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ buttons at the same time to lock/unlock the remote/control panel. In safety lock mode, no settings can be changed. This is great for when children are using the MSpa or you don’t want anyone else to fiddle with the settings.

O3 Ozonator

To help kill bacteria, MSpa features an O3 Ozone Generator. This function is 50 times more effective that chlorine and it works 3,000 times quicker. Clean water is essential for hot tub sessions. Turn on the Ozonator before and after using your hot tub. Once it’s on, it will automatically shut down after operating for 2 hours. Do not use the hot tub whilst the Ozonator works its magic.

Antibacterial Fabric

Antibacterial fabric is applied to the inner liner of all MSpa hot tubs. The fabric releases bactericidal components, which helps reduce 99% of the reproduction of bacteria. This along with MSpa’s other hygiene features help with keeping your hot tub and the water in a useable condition which is safe.

All Around Bubbling Design

MSpa is equipped with a 360 degree airjet system that is able to generate thousands of bubbles. There is also a variable-speed bubble feature which allows you to choose your own bubble intensity to work away tension. Press the ‘Bubble’ button to turn the function on; hold down the button for 3 seconds to turn the bubbles off. The button is green when activated. The bubble setting can be adjusted to 3 different levels. The default setting is at level 2. Press the ‘Bubble’ button to switch to level 3. Press it again to switch to level 1. The bubbling massage function will shut down automatically after 20 minutes as a safety precaution. This can be reactivated after 10 minutes by pressing the ‘Bubble’ button again.

Portable and Lightweight

Whether you’re moving house, want to take your hot tub on holiday with you or just want to rearrange your garden, MSpa is portable which means these options can be done. You also have the choice to drain, pack away and store your hot tub in a safe place if you would only like to use it during particular seasons. It’s lightweight so it can be carried and transported easily.


Depending on the model, MSpa comes equipped with 104+ airjets to deliver a warm bubbly massage. Our Muse range takes things up a notch and includes hydrojets which are adjustable. You can place them in the direction of your choice and decide which level of bubble intensity you prefer. They offer an invigorating or a more gentle massage experience based on what you feel your body needs.


MSpa is continually working on ways to improve and enhance your relaxing experience. Our features are designed to make your overall hot tub session simple, user-friendly and enjoyable. We want you to take full advantage of not just the health benefits you can receive; but also the features your spa comes with to make maintenance stress-free and relaxation easier to slip into.

Which features do you find most useful? Did you learn anything new? Let us know in the comments.