It’s summer! I’m sure as an MSpa owner, you are eager to get inside your hot tub and enjoy the massaging bubbles under the shining sun. As you know, your MSpa comes with standard accessories; but did you know there are so many more our brand has to offer? Using hot tub accessories can add extra comfort, take your relaxing experience to the next level and even create a different vibe. We’ve put a list together of accessories which we consider as must-haves for your summer hot tub hangs.

Accessory must-haves

LED String Lights

String lights are a cool way to set the vibe for a party with family and friends. You could even turn up the romance and setup an enchanting hot tub evening with your significant other. Twinkling lights create a wonderful ambience and can instantly make the experience feel more special and magical. Lights are a simple way to elevate your outdoor space, they also add style as well as a cosy feel.

Ice Box & Snack Holder

Snacks are essential for parties! MSpa’s ice box & snack holder is a must-have for your hot tub gathering. Simply inflate it and fill it with all sorts of your favourite yummy goodies. There is space for 5 drinks which can be held in their own individual cup holders. The centre storage compartment can be used for more drinks or ice and snacks.

HOT TUB HOT TIP: Remember, it’s important to stay hydrated whilst taking a dip.

Inflatable Foot Bath

A foot bath is a great accessory as it encourages your guests to rinse their feet before entering the spa. This helps keep your hot tub clean from grass and dirt which could be bought in from people’s feet. You most definitely don’t want any unwanted debris to enter your tub and be floating around. Ick! Our foot bath is made out of PVC anti-slip material, is UV resistant and easy to store as you can deflate it when not in use.


A canopy is a great option for summer hang-outs. It provides shade and has a rating of UPF 50+ which provides excellent UV protection. On more breezy days it also acts as a windbreak so the canopy will shield you as well as help with maintaining the spa water’s temperature. This accessory also can be used on any MSpa model.

Offset Patio Umbrella

With similar beneficial qualities as the canopy, our offset patio umbrella is able to offer more by providing more privacy. Moreover it is easy to setup and can be moved around and used in different places. When you’re not using your hot tub, it could perhaps be used for a seated area in your garden.

Comfort Set

Enhance your hot tubbing experience with even more relaxation. MSpa’s comfort set comes with 2 headrests and 1 cup holder which can hold up to 2 drinks at a time. This durable set fits effortlessly onto the edge of your tub. The headrests add extra comfort and support while the drinks holder means you can keep your drinks nearby.

HOT TUB HOT TIP: Don’t forget it is important to always drink responsibly when using a hot tub.

Filter Cartridge

This is a necessity! A filter needs to be in place whenever your hot tub is filled with water. It plays a vital role in filtering out any particles and debris which may gather in your tub. It needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure it can continue to work efficiently. Water maintenance is key when it comes to hot tub sessions.

HOT TUB HOT TIP: A blocked filter will not allow the water to run smoothly meaning the pump will need to work harder; therefore leading to a higher energy bill.


Speaking of water maintenance, chemicals are also needed. Test your water before each use to make sure it is safe and healthy for you and your guests to soak in. Blue Sparkle chemical starter kit has everything you will need for water upkeep. It is essential to keep on top of hot tub maintenance.

Wrap Up

So there you have it, our hot tub accessory must-haves. Make this summer unforgettable and transform your hot tub space. Wow your guests and be the host with the most. Of course you can use these accessories throughout the year but let’s just think about and enjoy summer whilst it’s here! A hot tub is a great way to connect with family and friends and we hope you continue to enjoy the moment with MSpa.

What is on your hot tub accessories wish list? Which accessories can’t you be without? Be sure to share in the comments!

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