Whilst enjoying hot water bubbling, you should not overlook the cleanliness and safety of your hot tub. Make your spa more safe and healthy with these helpful tips and tricks.

Having a stressful day every so often is quite common! Going through a spa resort experience in the comfort of your home is the best thing one can ever imagine! And there’s no better way than unwinding in a hot tub to float all your stress away. Unfortunately, people often forget the maintenance part of hot tubs, which can make it quite annoying to use, not to mention the health hazards. Therefore, here is a comprehensive guide for a healthy and relaxing soak.

Maintaining Hot Tub Safety is Essential

If you want to use your hot tub for a prolonged period, regular maintenance of your spa system is the key to experiencing optimal relaxation. Whilst getting into your hot tub, ensure the inside water is clean, non-toxic, and disinfected. Additionally, regular care doesn’t take much time, hence maintains pH balance and ultimate sanitisation. Finally, have a soothing soaking experience for as long as possible and enliven your tired muscles.

10 Safety Tips for Maintaining A Hot Tub for Years

  1. Drain Your Tub Periodically
    With some DIY tips, you can always enjoy your spa time. Keep your tub clean and fragrant by using chemicals and draining the water every three months.
  2. Diagnose Serious Issues
    Don’t let things go wrong by ignoring malfunctioning or heating issues. Instead, take the help of a professional to prevent your spa system from dirt build-up, which can cause a bad smell or skin infections.
  3. Use Proper Chemicals
    To get clean and sparkling hot tub water, use a premium range of hot tub chemicals to eradicate any type of contaminants. Make your spa system well balanced with the use of pre-measured packets of chemicals and experience a completely relaxing soaking time.
  4. Keep the Surrounding Area Dry
    If you want a great spa experience make sure you keep your eyes on the safety level, cover the tub when it’s not used and keep the surrounding area of your hot tub dry and clean to prevent any kind of falls or mishaps.
  5. Skip Intoxication
    Using a hot tub will make you dehydrated, you don’t want to make it worse by consuming alcoholic drinks. Drinking excessive alcohol can be dangerous as it can expand your blood vessels and make you drown. So, avoid hard drinks during a soft soak!
  6. Monitor the Water Condition
    Besides maintaining the hot tub temperature up to 40°C, keep the pH level of water between 7.4 to 7.6 for healthier conditions. Keep the water bacteria-free with a minimum of 3 ppm level of chlorine. It is not recommended to use a hot tub with the temperature exceeding 40°C. Don’t get into the tub in greater numbers than the recommended limit. Always have a shower before getting into the spa to maintain proper hygiene. Limit the hot tub time to a maximum of 10 minutes.
  7. Refrain Toddlers from Getting Inside the Tub
    Hot tub UK experts recommend not putting infants inside the hot tub, as it will damage their delicate skin because of overheating. Moreover, only allow children who can stand inside the tub and restrict their tub time to only 5 to 15 minutes under adult supervision.
  8. Keep Pets Away from the Hot Tub
    The hot tub is not at all a safe place for animals! There’s a huge risk of your pet becoming sick by accidentally drinking the chlorine water. Besides, the water temperature may not be suitable for them and can cause heatstroke from overheated water.
  9. Ensure Electrical Safety
    Periodically check all the electrical equipment in and around the tub with an electrician. Never try to touch or operate any electrical appliances while being wet to prevent getting shocked.
  10. People with Serious Health Conditions Must Avoid Using the Hot Tub
    People who take medications for drowsiness, diabetes, or heart issues need to avoid using the hot tub alone. If you would like to use one, please consult a personal physician before enjoying a hot tub soak.

Bottom Line

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