It is easy to maintain your hot tub. You will need to drain it and fill it every 3-4 months. It is vital to refresh your water regularly as minerals, contaminants and other substances can build up over time. This puts strain on the filter, sanitiser, and filters. You’ll likely end up with water that is cloudy and unpleasant to use. A hot tub can hold approximately 2500 litres of spa water, depending on its size. This can lead to wasted water when draining and filling the tub. These are some ways you can reuse, recycle, and prolong the life of your spa water.

6 Top Tips

  1. Adjusting Your pH Level
    Your hot tub water pH level should be kept within the recommended range of 7.2 to 7.8 to avoid skin irritation and scale formation. Your spa water’s life expectancy will be extended by regularly testing and adjusting its total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and pH level. The pH level should be controlled by total alkalinity, which should range from 80 to 120ppm. Calcium hardness is a measure of the minerals present in your water. This will ensure that your filter and sanitiser are in good shape and allow you to use more water. Your hot tub’s finish will determine the calcium hardness.
  2. Water Your Garden to Recycle Water
    You can recycle hot tub water by watering your lawn and plants. This will also reward your garden!
    You will need to test both the chlorine and the pH level of saltwater hot tubs before using the water. To be sure that your plants are safe, the chlorine level should not exceed one ppm and pH levels between 7-8.
    You can pour the hot tub water for  your plants. However, several plants may not be able to stand salt water. A pH around 7 is fine for grass. You may need to water the grass once every 60 minutes for a while.
    You might want to water your concrete or house foundations during warmer weather. This will stop the soil from aerating too much and soak the surrounding soil for extra support.
  3. Have A Pool?
    An outdoor pool can hold a lot of spa water. You can easily recycle it into pool water. This is an excellent way of reusing more water from your hot tub.
  4. Make Sure to Clean Your Car
    You can also give your car a thorough clean whilst you water your garden. For example, you can hose down your vehicle and let the water run on the grass while you scrub the car.
  5. Take a Shower Before You Go In
    A quick shower before you get into a hot tub can help reduce its time to drain. Also, a foot bath placed outside of your tub is recommended. In addition, the body will be clean after showering to remove dirt, oils, and contaminants that could cause spa filters and sanitisers to overload. It is also essential to keep your hair out of the water, as this will help reduce contamination.
  6. Preventing Cloudiness
    You can add a second filter to your hot tub water. The filters can either be an external or inline filter. These will improve the water’s filtration and prevent any substance build-up. To stop the water from becoming hazy or reducing waste, you can use spa enzymes or a spa clarifier.