Hot tub owners will understand how relaxing it can be to soak in a warm hot tub, especially during winter. So here are some easy portable hot tub hacks for a better experience during this season.


Hot tubs are not only fun and exciting, but they are relaxing as well. Many reports show that soaking in a hot tub relieves stress. The warm water comforts people in such a way that they forget all their worries. Even though traditional hot tubs are popular among people, the portable hot tub has taken first place in the favourite list ever since it came to market.

Portable hot tubs in the UK are becoming more common. You can see almost every other family enjoying their fun weekend in their portable hot tub spa. Every time a new product comes to light, there is a buzz which surrounds it. This tradition also applied to portable hot tubs. Many people wanted to know whether they can use a portable hot tub in winter or in what ways they can get the best out of their hot tub during the cold seasons.

Even though portable hot tubs are more comfortable to use, both budget and space-friendly, there is a question of whether they can provide the proper insulation and energy as an original hot tub or not. So here are some tricks to make your winter more relaxing with a portable hot tub.

  • The Necessity of An Insulation Mat

Insulation is an essential part of a hot tub. However, when it comes to portable hot tubs, people often wonder whether they should put insulation underneath their tub. An insulation mat is necessary for portable hot tubs. Moreover, your hot tub probably supplied one.

An insulation mat is crucial because otherwise, your hot tub will transmit the heat into the ground as heat transfers from hot medium to cold. If there is no insulation mat, your hot tub will lose its warmth to the environment. However, if you didn’t receive an insulation mat with your hot tub, you can look for puzzle mats or a foam core board to be the thin barrier to help your hot tub retain heat.

  • Cost of Using Portable Hot Tubs in Winter

Even though portable hot tubs are way more budget-friendly than the original permanent ones, they cost more to use during winters. The possible mobile hot tub bill runs nearly 30-40 in range per month, but the bills often hike during the winter. It depends on how cold it is where you live.

However, if you want to cut down on your hot tub bill amount whilst you relax, dipping half of your body in the lovely, warm water, here are a few tips you can follow.

  1. First, you might think that switching off your hot tub during sessions can save you money; but this is a myth. Henceforth it can cost you even more. Reheating the water uses more electricity which causes the bill to spike. Instead, when the water reaches your preferred temperature, try to maintain it and it will save both your money and energy.
  2. Check the temperature that heats your hot tub and reduce it to a couple of degrees. Reducing the temperature has several benefits. First, it’s not safe for children to use the tub if the temperature is too high, but they can join you safely if you lower the temperature. Moreover, you will get soaking time, and most importantly, reducing the temperature by 5-6 degrees can save up to £10.
  3. Look for the filter cycle settings in your hot tub and set it to midnight as the electricity providers charge more during peak times. Midnight will be the best time to run the filter cycle with fewer charges.


If you don’t want to spend a vast amount on a traditional hot tub, a portable hot tub has got your back. So if you are in the UK, discover MSpa portable hot tubs and relax and unwind with utmost satisfaction.